Dates Importer to India



Dates Importer to India

Kimia Roz

Kimia Roz

is one of the important Dates’ producers and exporters in Iran. We as a famous Dates’ company, provide the best qualities of these dates for our clients. It should be mentioned that this company packs the dates in an appropriate condition and we do this packaging according to the necessary standards.

Iran, Isfahan, Soroush Industrial Estate, West Boulevard Boulevard, No 18, Atieh Arg Atbin Co.

What is the best way to eat a date (fruit)?

What is the best way to eat a date (fruit)?

What is the best way to eat a date (fruit)? There are lots of ways that we can use them to eat dates. One way is that removing the seed inside the date fruit and put the almond inside it. After that, you can eat them. It should be mentioned that dates and almonds are dense food.

There are some people who like to eat dates by soaking them in water at night. Then they are blended with milk. This combination is really good. There are some other ways for eating cake that in the following texts we are going to describe them.

What is the best way to eat a date (fruit)?

 Delicious ways to eat dates

  • In some fruitcake

There is one way to use dates and that is fruitcake.  People usually try to eat them by fruitcake all around the world

  • In smoothies

We can use dates with smoothies! Adding one or two dates can make sweat the smoothies. There are some other smoothies that have a really good taste with banana and cardamom spice. Orange, coconut milk are other types of combinations.

  • Adding to salads

There is an easy way to enjoy dates and that is adding dates or chopped dates to different kinds of salads. We can try this kind of salad: Salad greens, pears, walnuts, dates, and blue cheese crumbles.

  • Stuffed

It should be noted that dates can be stuff with all types of goodies. It is really good to stuff them with cream cheese or goat cheese. Then, add some garlic and herbs to the goat cheese combination. And honey and walnuts to the combination of cream cheese.

  • Baked

It is good to know that dates can be baked in some other types like pieces of bread and scones.

  • Wrapped

For this one, we can wrap stuffed or unstuffed dates in bacon or prosciutto.

  • Putting on top of ice cream or frozen yogurt

We can pit, chop and sprinkle different dates on top of ice creams in order to get a better taste.

Does the process for making dates contain sugar?

Some people have a question in their minds and that is the process for making dates contain sugar or not. The answer to this question is that dates come from the date palm so their sugars are really close to 80% sugars.

Dry fruit dates and sweetness

It should be mentioned that most of the dry dates are cultivated and harvested in different parts of Iran like the south of Iran. These places are dried regions that are really appropriate for dates. Due to the nature of these places, most of the dates specially dried ones are sweet.

 F & Q (best way to eat a date fruit)

  1. What is the best way to eat a date (fruit)?

We can eat dates with smoothies and fruitcakes

  1. What kinds of nutrition can be added to a salad with dates?

Walnuts, greens, and pears

  1. How many sugars do dates have? Their sugars are close to 80%.

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