dates fruit sale

dates fruit sale

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dates for sale Organic and quality , A complete collection of Iranian exquisite dates

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It is honored to inform you that we, Kimia Roz Company, are one of the greatest manufacture, supplier and exporter of many kinds of Iranian dates for more than 2 decades to all over the world. In order to washing, sorting and packing dates under ourselves supervision based on international standards ,we have established the best equipped factory specialized for date and making some date products such as date paste and chopped date as well, fully automatic and without hand intervention.



kabkab date

kabkab date


rabbi date

rabbi date


mazafati date

mazafati date


zahedi date

zahedi date


Chopped Dates

chopped date

Chopped Dates, made from the best of kimiaroz's dry dates, with long shelf life to keep outside of the refrigerator.

Chopped date are made from drought dates, which after separating the pit by a pitting machine the date is chopped into same size pieces  and to avoid the pastiness and add more dryness the pieces are rolled in high quality corn flour.

These also called date chips are the best sugar alternative, and it is a good option for diabetic patients.

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To cook sweets and delicious desserts

with date paste of Kimiaroz



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