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Kimiaroz Date Company is a complex of companies since 2005 by Mr. Navab Amirzadeh who has been engaged in the production, supplying, and packaging of dates in Iran. The main activity of Kimiaroz is date packaging. This company packaged dates for sale in 100 Gr, 400 Gr, and 800 Gr carton box. Also, the dates in package of 1, 3,5,10 kilos and supplied under the supervision of Iranian Food and Drug administration. The production cycle is that first the dates are collected in plastic baskets from palm trees. Then, they sent to the factories and disinfected until the date is cleaned from vegetable pets. After that the dates are hand-picked by the qualified and experienced personnel of the company. Then, the waste products are separated and they are isolated in to two grades: grade 1 and grade 2. After a while, the dates carried to washing and drying unit.
This task is done by thoroughly automatic machines. After the drying stage, dates carried to packaging unit. In according to the supply of markets and the demand of buyers, dates are packaged in different boxes. Varieties of packaging and no need for maintenance dates in refrigerator or fridge and suitable price resulted in attractive products in hypermarkets, supermarkets, and also consumers. Kimiaroz Date Company started exporting dates in to different countries since 2010 such as Australia, France, Germany, America, and India. Also, it always attracts foreign customers for qualified products. Another company of Mr. Navab Amirzadeh is Gilda Date Company which works in the same direction. You see pictures of production line of Kimiaroz Date Company in this page.

iran dates exporters

iran dates exporters

About Kimiaroz Date Factory

iran dates exporters

About Kimia Roz Date Factory

 iran dates exporters

iran dates exporters





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