date fruit sexual benefits

The date fruit is the strength of the sexual powers.

Due to the presence of vitamins A, B, and E in dates, the eye light increases, the cells enhance, the nerves strengthens, and the body’s general force aggravates, and helps in the better functioning of the sexual activity of men and women. Due to the presence of phosphorus minerals, this dry fruit has an enormous effect on the growth of brain cells and also in the formation of hormonal and incremental sex organs.
Eating date fruit with milk has a beneficial effect on breastfeeding, slimming and sperm motility. In order to strengthen the sexual power, it is recommended that you mix the dates with egg yolks and milk, or mix dates with milk and cinnamon.
Also, dates can be cooked with eggs, which are called omelets of dates, and are very useful for strengthening sexual power.




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