Dates packaging at Kimia Roz Factory
The date packaging should be able to communicate with the date purchaser and transmit the date product information and properties to it, display the dates well and show the usefulness of the date and encourage the customer to consume the goods. The date packaging should be healthy in terms of health and preserve the shape and taste of the dates in its original form. The main goal in the packaging of dates is to maintain the important characteristics of the dates in the time of storage, transportation, and distribution to reach the consumer, and to avoid possible injuries and danger.
The date packaging machines at the Kimia Roz Factory are suitable for packaging dates in different types produced and cultivated in the country including Mazafati dates, Zahedi dates, Rabbi dates and .... The date packing machines are designed to pack the dates, preserve the value of this nutritious food, and enhance its quality with the latest technology. The washing and packaging of dates are all done automatically. And the health and cleanliness of this process must be fully respected.





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