Chips dates

Chips dates

Chips dates are other kinds of dates. They have actually special forms that are similar to the forms of chips. Due to this fact, they are exported from Iran to some parts of the world like India.

What are chips dates?

These dates make from the finest colonial dates or dried barbecue dates that can be stored in a cold environment like a refrigerator. As mentioned earlier, this product is made from dried dates that after dividing the kernel by a special machine, it divides the chips into one-size cubes. After that, it rolls them over dry in flour.

Chips dates price in India

These kinds of dates like other types of dates do not have a fixed price after they are exported from Iran to different countries specifically eastern countries like India. So for getting more information, please contact us.

Iranian Chips Dates

It is better to notify that nowadays, chips date are replaced with sugar because they include fructose. Besides, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals. These dates have high nutritional health and somehow they are considered as helpful dates in the treatment of some disorders and constipation. Even they are considered as a part of the laxative food. All people of all ages can use them.

The next factor is that they are really suitable for weight loss. It means that they are really good for daily usage besides that you have to do your daily exercise.

 Value of nutrients in chips dates

Like some other dates, chips dates have some special nutrients that in the next table, we are going to state each value of these nutrients:

Nutrients At 100 grams of these dates
protein 20 to 50 percent
magnesium 0.89 mg
phosphorus 0.50 mg
vitamin B2 0.6 mg
vitamin B1 0.3 mg
iron and vitamin C 6.2 mg

Benefits of chips date

Chips dates have different kinds of benefits such as:

  • Vitamin A
  • Eye enhancement
  • Potassium for hypertension
  • Prevention of myocardial
  • Infarction
  • Antioxidants for cancer prevention
  • Fight against Alzheimer’s
  • Memory enhancement
  • Treatment of constipation
  • Treatment of Intestinal disorders
  • Cure Heart problems and diarrhea

So based on the above-mentioned benefits, KimiaRoz company can provide Chips dates types with the best qualities.


  1. Which kinds of environments do provide the best situations for Chips dates? Cold environments like refrigerators.
  2. Tell just three benefits of Chips dates. The first one is to Cure Heart problems. The second one is for Memory enhancement and the last one is related to Infarction.
  1. What are the values of phosphorus and magnesium respectively? 0.50 mg and 0.89 mg

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