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One of the date products is chopped date. Since it is dried, it can be kept outside of the refrigerator for a long time. Kimiaroz Date Company produces chopped dates with the best quality. This company also produces date paste and types of dried and fresh dates. It tries to produce the best export chopped dates in Iran. And, its aim is to sell the best qualified product with suitable prices.
The wholesale of chopped dates are in Australia, America, France, England, India, Canada, and other Asian and European countries. Chopped date is made from the best drought dates. It can be kept for a long time outside of the refrigerator. After removing the core and separating the pit, the date is chopped into the same size pieces, the pieces are rolled in high quality rice flour or Dextrose powder. Their light coating of rice flour prevents them from sticking together. 
These are the best sugar alternative, and it is a good option for diabetic patient.

Chopped Dates Properties

Chopped Dates PropertiesDrought dates with cholesterol excretion from the veins are effective in maintaining cardiovascular health. It has fewer calories. Therefore, they are rich in soluble fibre, which plays an important role in promoting healthy bowel movements and comfortable passage of food through the intestinal tract. Also, it is suitable for indigestion and it prevents heartburn. The protein in 100 grams of chopped date is 20-50 percent, contains phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins B2 and vitamin B and the amount of iron and vitamin C, 100 g of chopped date is 2 to 6 mg.








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