Pasteurized and organic date paste without food processor

Kimiaroz Company is one of the supplier and producer of date paste bulk in Iran. This company is ready to export date paste as a packed or large quantities to Europe, America, and Australia. Date paste, which is produced by Kimiaroz Company, is 100 percent natural date. Date paste involves all of the properties and benefits of date. It has a great taste and it is pasteurized. It is made without any preservatives and additives. Also, it has a soft and uniform texture. Its ingredient is only dates fruit . It has a nutrient value and it doesn’t have any fat. In the process of making date paste, after washing and disinfecting dates, blend the dates in the blender or food processor. In this stage, coarse components and 70 percent of shells are separated from date paste. This product due to low humidity is kept in normal condition and it has high durability.
Some of the best features of Kimiaroz date Paste Company in comparison with other companies are as follow:
Fixed and uniform quality without any preservatives
Free from any fermented or other undesirable off odors
High durability and maintaining physical properties over time
High temperature resistance , Pasteurized , Not having any particles  ,Usability in cake and muffins
Date paste has a lot of advantages in varieties of food products such as: durability, fire proof, suitable prices in comparison with marmalade, keeps consolidation (unlike marmalade, dates do not absorb by the cake and their volume is preserved) a very good market, and the reason for the growing consumption of food industry for natural products and even without any additives and preservatives.

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Date paste usages

Date pasteHome use: The breakfast and afternoon snack complementary marmalade for producing home candy.
Industrial use:
Base for other ingredients such as sauces, jams confectionary goods such as core of cake, filling for biscuits, food, cake, muffins
Date paste nutrition value:
Date paste is rich source of high nutrient, vitamins A and B, dietary fiber, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins, and without any fat.
Other products of Kimiaroz Company are chopped dates , types of dried and fresh dates such as Mazafati date and Piarom.  




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