Dates Importer to India



Dates Importer to India

Kimia Roz

Kimia Roz

is one of the important Dates’ producers and exporters in Iran. We as a famous Dates’ company, provide the best qualities of these dates for our clients. It should be mentioned that this company packs the dates in an appropriate condition and we do this packaging according to the necessary standards.

Iran, Isfahan, Soroush Industrial Estate, West Boulevard Boulevard, No 18, Atieh Arg Atbin Co.

Dates Paste

Dates Paste

It should be said that these types of Dates are new nowadays. It means that they are new products from raw and date pieces. Although they are pretty new dates, they are exported from Iran to eastern countries like India.

What is Dates Paste?

These dates as we mentioned in the previous text, are the popular vegan ingredients that can add natural sweetness to your products. They are semi-solid compound which is first nucleated in order to prepare the best qualities of dates.

Even this product is rotated after controlling the content of moisture which should be between 2% and 5% stores as a paste. Therefore, it is obtained by industrial and semi-industrial methods from different date types that they are followed a working process:

  • Disinfection
  • Grading
  • Adjust the humidity
  • Capping
  • Nucleation
  • Remove wastes
  • Pasteurization
  • Chopping
  • Homogenizing raw materials
  • Add emulsifiers
  • Final homogenization

Dates Paste price in India

These dates such as other dates that we know before are exported to India. For more information about the price of them, please contact our company.

Date Paste Supplier

For producing date Paste, some of the dates such as Shahani dates, Mazafati dates, and other ones are changed to dates Paste by some special machines. This product is a processed one without any preservations. It is completely pasteurized.

For instance, the black pulp comes from black dates, and the brown pulp comes from yellow and brown dates. Maybe, some other ingredients like sesame, hazelnut, pistachio, walnut and so on are added to this product because it gets a better taste. We can use these dates for cakes and some other foods.

Why Date Paste?

These dates can be used for every person and for all ages because they are simple, affordable, and good for the body.

Dates Paste Nutrition:

This table shows you the nutrition facts for dates Paste:

Amount per 1 servingNutrition
0.0 gTotal Fat
0.0 gSaturated Fat
0.0 gPolyunsaturated Fat
0.0 gMonounsaturated Fat
0.0 mgCholesterol
0.3 mgSodium
58.4 mgPotassium
6.7 gTotal Carbohydrate
0.7 gDietary Fiber
5.6 gSugars
0.2 gProtein
0.0%Vitamin A
0.0%Vitamin B-12
0.7 %Vitamin B-6
0.1 %Vitamin C
0.0%Vitamin D
0.0%Vitamin E
0.4 %Calcium
1.0 %Magnesium
0.5%Pantothenic acid

Benefits of Date Paste

The benefits of these dates are:

  • Lowering the blood cholesterol

These dates contain large amounts of soluble fibers in the heat. This fiber can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood and even it can reduce the negative blood cholesterol.

  • Strengthens bones

Dates palm have some minerals like selenium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and calcium. These minerals can keep bones healthy.

  • Improve digestive problems

The fiber in these dates can accelerate the metabolism and drainage of the intestines and eliminates the problem of constipation.

  • Help to eliminate anemia

They are a source of iron that can prevent different deficiencies in our bodies. The existence of iron, Vitamins C, and D could enhance the blood supply, strong vigor, and immunity.

  • Improve body immunity

These dates are really useful for cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, thoracic, and so on.

So you can keep your healthy by the Dates paste products of KimiaRoz company.


  1. Tell just 2 benefits of Dates paste. They are good for body immunity and digestive problems
  1. What kinds of minerals in those dates can eliminate anemia? Iron, Vitamins C, and D
  1. What is the last working process on these dates? It is Final homogenization.

Kimiarooz date products have different categories , such as :

For a complete view of the types of dates, refer to the date products page.

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