Import and export dates to India

Import and export dates to India

Import and export dates to India

There are different kinds of dates that are exported to India. Mazafati dates are exported to this country with most rates of exportation that is about 21000 tons and the lowest rates of exportation is related to Piarom dates that is nearly 660 tons. Maybe it is amazing but the most expensive dates are Piarom ones which is about 4.3$ per kilogram.

In another situation, the cheapest dates are Kabkab and Zahedi dates that they are 84 cents per kilogram. So as it is clear, there are lots of differences among the prices of various dates. The reason is related to the packaging of dates and their qualities. Although, the dates’ sellers should know the goals of targeted countries in order to sell them in anyway.

Conditions of dates’ exportation to India

India is a country that it depends on agriculture industry. Due to this situation, this industry influence on employment of people in India. The most important product which is exported to this country, is dates. It should be said that most of the people in India usually know Mazafati dates as Kimiya dates and Piarom dates as Maryami dates.

The next important fact about dates’ exportation to India is that this country is the most important importer of dates from Iran in comparison to other countries.


Advantages of dates’ exportation to India

So as we mentioned earlier, India is a really good targeted company that it can import dates from Iran. It is maybe amazing but there is more than 20$ million in profits in this process. Therefore, lots of companies try to make communications with this country!

Difficulties of dates’ exportation

There are lots of difficulties in exportation of dates such as:

  • Increasing foreign transportation costs especially refrigerated containers
  • Decreasing financial resources for marketing in targeted markets
  • Decreasing presence of export companies in major date markets


F & Q

  1. Tell just two difficulties about importing and exporting dates to India?

Increasing foreign transportation costs and decreasing financial resources.


  1. What is the profits of importing and exporting dates to India?

There is more than 20$ million in profits in this process.


  1. What are the other names of Mazafati dates and Piarom dates?

They are Kimiya dates and Maryami dates respectively.