Kalote dates

Kalote dates

Another type of dates is Kalote dates. These dates maybe get some people’s attention but anyway again it depends on the idea and preference of people. Again these types of dates are exported to India. Let’s get introduce more these dates.

What are Kalote dates?

Kalute date or kalote date is another type of semi-humid or humid dates in Iran. It should be mentioned that such kinds of dates have a soft and meaty texture and somehow they are easily chewed and eaten in the mouth. Their colors are red. Even they have good and awesome quality so they are useful for commercial events.

It must be noted that harvesting of these dates begins at the first of September. So it is started from the first of this month until the end of September. Besides Jiroft, the dates in the Anbar Abad region has good quality. Even they are classified as the first class date palms.

Kalote dates price in India

In addition to other kinds of dates, Kalote Dates are exported to India because people in this country use these types of dates. There is not any exact estimation about these dates prices in India. For more information about Kalote dates price in India, please contact us.

Iranian Kalote Dates

There are some Kalote palms in Kerman and Jiroft regions. It should be mentioned it gets about 7 to 10 years from planting these palms until loading time. The qualities of the above-mentioned dates are really awesome. So due to this fact, most of the customers are tried to buy them. Nowadays, all date palettes are packaged in solid in many Iranian cities. These dates are really similar to the Mazafati dates but their textures are somehow stiffer.

It should be noted that these dates are varied from 2.5 to 3.5 cm in height. The whole dates are semi-dried and solid in rhubarb. Their heights are actually dependable on the regions of harvest. The taste of these dates is pretty delicious.

Therefore many people like to taste them all around the world. It is amazing that their prices usually get much higher in the month of Ramadan because they are eaten more in this month.

Another important fact is about their consumptions. Therefore, these dates are consumed in different forms like:

It is suggested to keep and store them in a cool environment because they have a humidity of palette. Even we have to keep them in sterile and hygienic places.

Features of Kalote Dates

It should be mentioned that these types of dates are oval and are famous as meaty and soft dates. They are rich sources of minerals and nutrients that could provide energy to the body. There are some other available minerals that the below table, they are described.

Type of mineral Amount
Calories 81 Kcal
Fat 0.37 gr
sugar loaf 0.80 gr
Protein 22.31 gr
Trench fatty acids 0 gr
saturated fats 0 gr

Kalote packaging

It must be noted that packing of these dates is done with the rules of the Iranian Health Association that it has the standards of the Ministry of Health in Ian. So the exportation of these dates is done much better. In other words, KimiaRoz does this exportation from Iran to India.

F & Q

  1. Where is the best region for producing Kalote dates? They are produced in Jiroft city and Kerman province.
  1. Is the price of these dates offered by KimiaRoz appropriate? Yes for sure, this company offers the best price.
  1. Is it possible to do this exportation with dollars? Yes for sure. It could be done even with dollars.

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