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Dates Importer to India

Kimia Roz

Kimia Roz

is one of the important Dates’ producers and exporters in Iran. We as a famous Dates’ company, provide the best qualities of these dates for our clients. It should be mentioned that this company packs the dates in an appropriate condition and we do this packaging according to the necessary standards.

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Khazravi dates

Khazravi dates

The main homeland of Khazravi dates is considered to be Iraq and after Samran, it is the second number that has been cultivated in Khuzestan. It is a semi-arid cultivar and is the second most important export after Samaran.

It is also planted in other date-rich areas such as Jahrom, Kazerun, Dastestan, Fasa, Qasr Shirin, and Ramhormoz. It is also commonly used in the form of Khark and Rotab. It is mostly consumed in the form of dates and dates. This cultivar is one of the first-grade cultivars in Khuzestan and 2 and 3-grade cultivars in Kazerun, Borazjan, and Qasr Shirin.

characteristics of khazravi dates

Khazravi is one of the early and soft dates.

Oval fruit with an average weight of 7.94 grams with a soft texture and light brown color, thick skin.

The ratio of fruit flesh to the kernel is equal to 12.1.

Oval kernel with pale brown color, the degree of adhesion of the kernel to the fruit is moderate.

Khark ripens in mid-August, but the fully ripe fruit is harvested in mid-September.

The stickiness of the cap to the fruit is moderate.

Best Khazravi Dates Iranian

Khazravi dates are a type of soft dates and are also consumed in the form of Khark and Rotab. This date, like lamb dates, came to Iran from Iraqi groves. Khazravi dates are the second in Khuzestan province in terms of cultivated area. The kernel is completely separate from the fruit, so the whole fruit can be easily used.

This date is originally for Iraq, but now it is one of the types of dates that are grown in Khuzestan province and other provinces of Iran.

The shape of Khazravi dates

The shape of this date is similar to the shape of an egg, which is why some people also call it “egg”.

It has a light brown color and the stickiness of the skin and flesh is moderate, but the stickiness of the kernel and flesh of this date is very low and the kernel can be easily separated from it


Uses of Khezravi dates

Khazravi dates can be consumed in three stages: Khark, Rotab and dates (fully ripe fruit).

It has a warm nature and is in the group of soft and juicy dates that can be used to prepare a variety of concoctions, cakes and cookies, date halva and hot dates.

If you want to lose weight, you can eat this date fresh (but do not overdo it)

Properties Khazravi Dates

Calm the nerves and prevent depression

Treatment of diseases including night blindness, eye pain and…

  • Prevent premature aging
  • Relieves back pain and joint pain
  • Eliminate bladder stones
  • Increase learning power
  • Anticancer
  • Treatment of heart problems
  • Tooth and bone health
  • Raise the level of the immune system
  • Hematopoietic
  • An important source of vitamins a_b_c _e and minerals such as magnesium _ phosphorus and…

Our company exports these dates to different foreign countries around the world with the best prices. The dates have different categorizations such as:

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