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Kimia roz factory is  "mazafati date supplier" one of the most equipped, manufacturing, and packaging factories in Mazafati dates of Bam. This factory export Mazafati date to Asian, European, American, and Australian countries.

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Mazafati date (Ruttab Mazafati Bam) is one of the best types of dates in Iran. This date is grown in Bam. Its color is black or dark brown. It has a thin shell. The most important feature is high date syrup. The best dates have thin shell. Also, they are big and fleshy. But dates which have thick shell light colors, and tiny are considered poor dates.
How to keep dates: It is recommended to put fresh and soft dates in the refrigerator, since the growth of microbes and activity of enzymes is less inside than outside of the refrigerator and given that the dates have a lot of carbohydrates (sugar) and there is a good environment for the growth of microorganisms, especially yeasts. So, they can be stored for 8 months.
This type of dates due to high moist texture is not considered as dried fruits and its storage condition is between -5ºC and 5 ºC.

Mazafati dates contain potassium which is known as an effective way of controlling diarrhea.
Pay attention, before eating dates, they should be washed well. Because of the syrup on the shell, it is sticky and it absorbs any kinds of pollution. But we assure you Mazafati dates by Kimia roz brands have been thoroughly washed in the factory by full automatic machines. Also, they are sold without any preservatives and they are quite natural.

mazafati dateWhat are the differences between Ruttab and dates? Dates take four steps to ripe completely. The third step is called Ruttab and the moist texture of this product is high and the sugar is less.

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