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Dates Importer to India

Kimia Roz

Kimia Roz

is one of the important Dates’ producers and exporters in Iran. We as a famous Dates’ company, provide the best qualities of these dates for our clients. It should be mentioned that this company packs the dates in an appropriate condition and we do this packaging according to the necessary standards.

Iran, Isfahan, Soroush Industrial Estate, West Boulevard Boulevard, No 18, Atieh Arg Atbin Co.

Rabbi dates

Rabbi dates

Rabbi dates are another type of Dates that some people like to eat and taste. These dates are exported to India. Besides this fact, it is better to know more about these dates firstly. So follow us in order to understand Rabbi dates better.

What is Rabbi Dates?

Rabbi and Pakistani dates are the most important dates in Sistan and Baluchistan provinces because they are really important economically. Besides these dates, there are some other important dates in Iran such as Imamaran, Shahani, Kabkab Dates, and kimia dates ones.

It should be mentioned that Rabbi Dates are meaty and large. Dates’ color is usually green at the ripening stage. They are semi-arid and the palm kernel is somehow smaller than its meat. Even it is really easy for customers to wash and maintain. When it is the time of processing, these dates are full black and in some other situations, they are dark brown.

Rabbi Dates price in India

These types of dates like other dates are exported to India. It should be mentioned that these dates somehow increased in 2019 although, in 2020, the price of these dates stabilized in Iran. This price is going to be changed in India after exporting the dates. For more information, please contact us.

The appearance of Rabbi Dates

We have to keep them cool because they are stretchy and semi-dry. Totally, the harvest time for these dates is in the middle of September and it lasts to early October. It is better to know that a refrigerator is not be needed in order to store these dates because a cool and dry environment is enough for keeping them.

The dates of Kharg are red and they are green generally. They are in black or dark brown when they are more palatable. We have to know that these dates are known as the earliest dates in Iran.

Exporting Rabbi Dates

These dates are pretty fabulous for exporting through the world.

Mazafati dates have more sweetness than Pakistani. Even the taste of Rabbi Dates is awesome. It is better to know that before harvesting, all marketers make them available for sale. Clients must order these dates nearly two months earlier.

Date palms are really famous all around the world. It should be mentioned that all palm dates are famous as Pakistani dates so much work have to be done to introduce these dates to all markets in the world.

Rabbi dates packaging

Kimiaroz packaging Rabi dates are packaged in different boxes after sorting, washing, and fumigation. the best preservation condition for this sort of dates is dry place with temperature between zero and five 0C

  • Zipped cellophane package

This product is packed in 500 grams packages after sorting and polishing

  • Five and ten kilogram cartons

Rabbi dates are packed in bulk in these cartons after sorting, washing, fumigation and oiling in case of an order

Properties of Rabbi Dates

These dates are used by people in comparison to some other dates because they have a lot of properties. They have a high volume of vitamins and minerals.

Other features of these dates are good laxatives in order to limit the substances that make constipation. They are high in fiber that could manage digestion.

The existence of antioxidants can prevent atherosclerosis. These dates can regulate and control stress and cholesterol. There are some other important minerals like magnesium, selenium, calcium and so on which are helpful for bone health.

It is good to know that by eating just 3 or 5 dates in a day, your blood sugar will be lowered in comparison to the past. Potassium is really useful for treating diarrhea.

These dates have a good and positive influence on brain function, prevent cancer, increase energy for the body, prevent poisoning or hemorrhoids. In addition, they are rich in iron so they are recommended for anemia and skin health.

Nutritional Value each 100g
Energy Value 1.112KJ
Proteins1.6 g
Carbohydrate263 kcal
Fats0.3 g
Saturated Fats0.1 g
Unsaturated Fats0.1 g
Dietary Fiber6.9 g
Sodium0.1 mg

F & Q:

1. Where is Rabbi Dates produced? They are produced in Sistan and Balochistan province, Iran.

2. Can we transact these dates with dollars? Yes, for sure. We can transact with dollars or dirhams.

3. What are the two impacts of Rabbi dates? One of them is about brain function and another one is about preventing poisoning.

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