Dates price in India

As we mentioned before, there are different kinds of dates all around the world especially in Iran, as a big exporter in this field. These dates are included as Berhi, Chips, Paste, Deglet Noor, Estemran, Halilei, Kabkab, Kalote, Khasoei, Kimia, and Lolo dates.

These dates are cultivated and harvested in different parts of Iran especially in the south of this country. After harvesting the different kinds of dates, they are packed in appropriate conditions. After that, they have exported to all around the world especially India.

When they are delivered to India, they are distributed through different cities in India. Due to the fact that people in India like various kinds of dates like Paste, Deglet Noor dates and so one, the process of exportation related to dates from Iran to India is done many times. But the next important point is about Dates price in India.

The prices of different dates in India are very different from on type of date to another kind of date. Besides this fact, there are some other important facts that they could change the prices of these dates such as the places which those dates are bought in India, the numbers of dates’ packs and so on. So there are lots of facts that could change the prices of dates in India. For getting more detailed information, please contact us via our website or phone numbers.

Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates